Well, things were pretty quiet last days on Open Source and Linux field, and thus my blog is quiet too. I just don't have anything really interesting to share with you, dear reader. Sorry for that, please go read Hacker News or Reddit.

About fresh Kazsid build - I am waiting for the 3.2.13 kernel to arrive to Debian sid, then new Kazsid will be uploaded for testing. As usual, I don't expect to receive many reviews of replies on what Kazsid should look like or what impression it gave.

I don't think that Kazsid's page on sourceforge worth the time I've spent on it.

By the way, new Deadbeef release 0.5.2 is arrived. Also, GNOME 3.4 will be released in a couple of days, and it brings updated Kazakh translations.

UPD: live-config 3.0~a33-1 does not work at the moment, because of that commit. Will wait till it fixed. I will keep you updated, and sorry for the delay. Have a good day!


27 March 2012


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